01 July 2024

Rosas Maschinenbau demonstrates its Leopard 300 bidirectional table top rewinder

Click on image to download high resolution version

German engineering manufacturer Rosas Maschinenbau will demonstrate its Leopard 300 bidirectional table top rewinder featuring an advanced RFID HF & UHF tag serialization module with code verifier & backside serialisation and TIJ printer for numbering and coding. This provides an innovative end-to-end solution that not only encodes but also verifies RFID tags at high speeds, setting a new benchmark for efficiency and precision in RFID tag production. 


The solution can encode UHF and HF tags based on information from the database or synchronize with printed serialization codes read by the camera before (barcode, QR code, data matrix, or OCR). This ensures the visual and code inside the RFID tag matches. 


The Gazelle II digital printer has an unwind diameter of 650mm (25 inches), web widths from 40-330mm (1.5-13 inches), print width up to 200mm (8 inches), corona treatment, a flexo primer station, and an LED UV curing unit. It’s also built with a pre-installed interface for a fully-automatic 100% inspection module, quick release of tension axles for simple reel change installations and removals, and advanced web tension control. 


Rosas will also demonstrate their Gazelle II integrated with the eZ-ColorJet 100, a 160 FPM 4 inch wide four-color process industrial inkjet printer from US-based Graph-Tech for imprinting a variety of labels. 


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