09 July 2024

Lundberg Tech presents the MatrixCompactor 200

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At Labelexpo Americas 2024, Lundberg Tech will showcase the MatrixCompactor 200, a waste capturing system designed specifically for label matrix handling. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of the MatrixCompactor 200 in action, highlighting its efficiency and effectiveness.

The MatrixCompactor 200 enhances production throughput by efficiently capturing and compacting label matrix waste. This system helps reduce the use of virgin materials and lowers the CO2 footprint associated with transport of waste. Additionally, it minimizes the unnecessary disposal of paper cores and alleviates the physical strain on press operators by reducing heavy lifting requirements.

With a global footprint of over 6,000 systems and 10,000 Granulators installed, Lundberg Tech has established itself as a leader in waste management solutions. With its scalable modular components it is possible to tailor waste processes to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Lundberg Tech's approach to waste management involves a comprehensive process of capturing, cutting, conveying, collecting, and compacting waste. This method ensures a clean, efficient, and operator friendly label production.

During Labelexpo Americas, the Lundberg Tech team of waste handling experts will be available to discuss the potential return on investment for both large and small label converters. Attendees are invited to visit booth 1617 to learn how the MatrixCompactor 200 can transform their waste management processes.


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