25 June 2024

GIC unveils The Taginnov range

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GIC will be presenting a range of products specifically to meet the demands of the market, particularly in RFID and adhesive labels.

At Labelexpo Americas 2024, GIC will showcase The Taginnov range which includes:

Taginnov Converting line:

For the converting part, GIC provides a tailor-made solution adapted to the type of inlay of the customer (mono or multi lane integration), GIC also thinks about the productivity and control in line for only one step for the creation of the RFID Tag.

Tag Inspect 250:

The Tag insect 250 controls the inlay in the integrality, as well as the position of the inlay inside the label, frequency test and encoding. A roll of label 100% control.

Taginnov Speed Etiq:

For the integrate of WET RFID inside a label, this is more dedicated for the printer market when they would like to integrate an RFID inside a label print. With the encoding solution, this can be a good match!

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