25 June 2024

DPR Labeling present their Taurus, Aries and UV Varnish Module systems

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D.P.R. Labeling LLC offers advanced technologies and services through their Taurus, Aries, and UV Varnish Module systems, designed to enhance label production and finishing. The Taurus system is a laser cutting and laminating machine that streamlines label production by eliminating the need for pre-die cut labels and die tools. It offers high-speed digital cutting, waste removal, and handles complex label designs with precision. Equipped with an innovative cutting management software, Taurus ensures efficient, on-demand label production. The Aries system is a semi-rotary label finishing machine that combines laminating, die-cutting, waste removal, slitting, and rewinding in a single pass. It features a touchscreen PC interface for easy control, a flexible magnetic die plate for quick changeovers, and high-performance cut speeds. Aries is suitable for various production volumes, delivering high-quality, full-bleed labels. The UV Varnish Module, compatible with both Taurus and Aries, adds a protective layer to labels, enhancing durability against UV rays, moisture, and abrasion. This module applies various types of varnish and integrates seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring that labels remain vibrant and intact over time.


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