Charlie MacLean

President and Chief Executive Officer

ASL Print FX

Charlie MacLean has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of ASL Print FX since 2004. ASL Print FX manufactures pressure sensitive labels, packaging materials, printed promotional and direct mail products. Over the past 14 years, ASL Print FX has developed a high performance, award winning, print packaging company. Their mandate in the world of packaging is to collaborate with designers, marketers and brand owners in ‘bringing brands to life’ on the retail shelf. Previously, Charlie had a 10-year career as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Supremex Inc. Supremex was recognized as the most successful envelope manufacturing company in the world and became the industry benchmark. Charlie believes strongly in building a business culture based on integrity, respect, open communication and teamwork. 

Conference: Conference program
Session: Mergers and acquisitions: the rapidly changing face of the printing industry
Time: Tuesday 25 September 2018, 11:30 AM

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