27 July 2018

Wuxi Heshuofeng New Material Co ltd

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Alongside the Bruckner 8.2m, 5 layer BOPP line are 2 CCPP lines, 2 laminators, a metallizer and 8 top coaters, employing water based coating technologies to produce an impressive range of films for the pressure sensitive and graphics markets. Transparent films are from an 8.7m BOPP line and PET from 2 lines with in-line coating technology.  

The HSF facestock range is unique and includes the following:

  • Uncoated Base films, 1.5-10mil, 38u-250u
  • Matte coated “Synthetic Papers” of BOPP, CCPP or PET 2.2 -20mil, 54u-500u
  • Acrylic coated BOPP and PET durable films
  • Metallized Films

HSF is highly focused on product development with a new R&D facility. Products are added to the range regularly.

Recent launches include:

  • Direct Thermal coated BOPP range.
  • UL969 approved top coated PET range
  • Non-PVC Graphics films for most wide format printing technologies and other applications.
  • New colored film range due soon

HSF is a progressive enterprise led by a professional management team with strong sales representation in the U.S. and South America. Coupled with high quality and competitively priced products, HSF continues to grow its worldwide customer base.



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