10 August 2022

Wilson Manufacturing Presents Pin Eject Die

Click on image to download high resolution version

Wilson Manufacturing Company expands its waste technologies portfolio with the presentation of the Pin Eject Die, providing quality slug removal without using an air source. 
Also featured is Wilson's E Diffsystem, the high-tech adjustable anvil with a user-friendly touch interface allowing for precise adjustments with a single tap of the screen.
The system is suitable for converters utilizing existing cutting tools for additional materials or making instantaneous adjustments on press when changes in materials occur.
This year's new feature is the enhanced Customer Portal.
Visitors can see how quickly and easily it is to get immediate quotes and place new orders directly into production.
The robust performance of the portal is demonstrated live with up-to-the-minute production status, fast and easy searches for prior orders or quotes, and instant tracking of shipped orders.

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