27 July 2018

Ushio New i150 III Series

Click on image to download high resolution version

The i150 III series is optimally designed and developed to satisfy the stringent demands that are involved in the UV curing and printing markets.

Our proprietary Master Peak Technology achieves 17.4 W/cm2 with a working distance of 5mm and is available at 395, 365, 385 and 405nm wavelengths.   The newly designed i150 III series includes functions such as variable control output that ranges from 14-100% and features a user replaceable LED board.  Window sizes range from 75mm to 525mm, making the i150 III series ideal for use in a wide variety of applications for digital to conventional printing.

The i150 is the latest in innovation to the Unijet series. Please visit www.ushio.com or stop by our booth #3833 at Label Expo for more information on the complete line of  Unijet UV LEDs.


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