25 July 2018

TRESU's SAVEink chamber doctor blade for narrow web flexo

Click on image to download high resolution version

TRESU chamber doctor blades are available for all printing widths up to six metres. The chamber programme includes lightweight, corrosion-resistant carbon fibre and ceramic variants. The chambers include a patented seal system that eliminates leakage, and pressure control technology to prevent air contaminating the ink when entering the anilox cells, for blister-free printing and fast, safe blade-change.

The stand highlight is the new FlexiPrint Reservoir SAVEink chamber doctor blade, for narrow-web flexo applications up to 800mm wide. Its integrated reservoir contains a large ink volume, eliminating the need for a connected pump. The carbon-fibre MaxiPrint Concept chamber comes in 1600mm to 6000mm widths. Its integrated cleaning nozzle with low-pressure water-shot mechanism efficiently cleans the chamber and anilox roll, fast, with minimal water loss.

TRESU supply systems automatically control flow, pressure level and colour density, and provide thorough, simultaneous chamber-cleaning in minutes. They can be retrofitted as an upgrade of existing equipment.  The F10 iCon ink supply system is suited for relatively low pressure situations. There are also coating circulators and conditioners for high-pressure, high-viscosity UV and water-based coatings.  


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