02 August 2022

Tresu Introduces Tresu H5i G3

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Tresu introduces a new variant of the third-generation coating circulator, Tresu H5i G3 for high-performance circulation with high flow, high viscosity, high speed, high temperatures and high pressure.
It is designed to automate special coating applications, and with H5i G3 controlling the WB, UV, or eBeam coating application, operators can now save resources and exploit the full potential of the coating media for creative designs and strong branding - also with high viscosity and high flow.
Used in combination with a Tresu chamber doctor blade system, the Tresu H5i G3 provides full control of the enclosed circulation from the bucket to the chamber.
The Control Pressure Technology system prevents contamination of air inside the chamber and eliminates micro foaming and undesired blistering of the print. 

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