27 July 2018

system gelb

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A flexible, fully automatic machine system that also offers unmatched reliability when operating continuously.

Applications: Converting of labels, adhesive tapes, embossing material, RFID and similar materials.

System: system gelb is a cantilever design and features an integrated turret system that makes it ideal for large production runs. The system was developed to provide fully automatic processing in six stages from automatic loading of the core from a separate core loading system, unwinding, glueing,slitting, rewinding, through to automatic removal of the finished roll onto a conveyer belt system.

Advantages: The PC-based touchscreen control permits simple software-supported format changes and system linkup with « Industry 4.0 » standard to facilitate evaluation of production data. User-friendly and designed for a vast range of applications, the machine is extremely reliable and guarantees high uptime. The dual -unwinding principle maximizes output while maintaining ultimate precision at every stage of the process. The speeds achieved by system gelb are unmatched in the industry.

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