25 July 2018

The SpectroVision is a new color measurement solution by Techkon

Click on image to download high resolution version

Its highly accurate, full 31-point spectrophotometer is guided by a high resolution digital camera to find the exact location of color patches, color bars, and specific in-image measurement locations.

The spectrophotometer provides spectral, CIELab, density, and dot area information for color locations. The included Techkon ChromaQA color quality software allows users to create jobs that specify the exact measurement locations, color reference values, and customer specific tolerances. Press operators can then run jobs and get immediate, real-time, color results including density, CIELab, and tone-value, along with recommendations to optimize color matching results and live trend graphs of color performance metrics across the job. In addition, QA managers can create customized reports for customers and analyze the measurement data across press runs, shifts, operators, locations, etc. for further process improvements and increased savings.


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