25 July 2018

Special focus on Direct Thermal Linerless products

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Special focus on Direct Thermal Linerless products, which are the latest innovation of the labeling sector: they are continuous rolls of thermal paper with no liner (siliconised backing)

An innovative labelstock without release, which does not produce any extra waste. A reduced environmental impact because there is no liner to be disposed of. A higher rate of productivity because it allows producing over 40% more labels per roll as less rolls need replacing, which leads to a significant reduction in machine downtime. An economic advantage, too, because waste management, storage and transport costs are less. Many advantages, which combined with fast application and labelling accuracy, will serve the best interests of many sectors, from retail to logistics. 
On display also the “Wine & Spirits” collection - which includes a special selection of products specifically designed for sparkling and fine wines; the GlobalFlex series – coextruded films for personal and home-care packaging products; and many other specialty solutions ranging from food application to home&personal care, pharma and industrial applications. 

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