25 July 2018

Sensory Analytics will showcase its expanding line

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These award-winning tools improve product quality and reduce production costs by providing continuous coating process improvements, optimizing coating utilization and decreasing plant waste streams.

The exclusive ruggedized optical interference (ROI) technology designed into all SpecMetrix In-line systems accurately monitor wet or dry coating or film layer thickness down to sub-micron levels on products that have not previously been measurable using older in-line gauging technology. SpecMetrix systems are built to withstand the rigors of any manufacturing environment, incorporating a broad wavelength range that can generate real-time data as low as 0.25 micron across a web, performing more than 150 measurements a second.

SpecMetrix systems can measure single or double layers simultaneously and individually, helping film processors identify underlying problems with a particular layer in the film stack.

Measurement capabilities range from thin barrier layers to thicker base films. These next-generation coating and layer thickness measurement systems are available in fixed probe, traversing or OEM configurations for ease of integration onto new or existing plant coating lines.



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