10 August 2022

Schoberttechnologies showcases RSM410MX-Digi-VariCut

Click on image to download high resolution version

Schoberttechnologies, a rotary tooling specialist, showcases RSM410MX-Digi-VariCut for producing metallic in-mold labels for markets such as paint, cosmetics, food and storage boxes.
The hybrid drive technology combines continuous and intermittent rotary die-cutting technology in re-registration mode; thus, a wide range of print formats can be covered with a single tool or magnetic cylinder.
This compact RSM version is designed for a maximum web width of 430mm and print format lengths up to 812mm (32in).
The RSM-Digi-Varicut portfolio also includes machines, modular and upgradable, designed for a maximum web width of 770mm and format lengths of up to 1120mm.
The standard configuration includes a high-speed, programmable robot-automated stacking and counting system (Spider), which combines acceleration, velocity and precision at a continuous web speed of up to 50 m/min.
The equipment is designed to stack different types of products combined within the same printing image. 
Visitors at the booth are also able to find out more about the company's rotary cutting and creasing tools, high-performance punching modules, rotary die cutting-perforating modules, modules and tools for Braille embossing, heavy-duty rotary die-cutting modules, magnetic cylinders for web width up to 1500mm and format repeat 1220mm (48in).


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