25 July 2018

ProPhotonix - COBRA Cure FX Series

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With more than 20 years of experience working with OEMs and 15 years UV LED experience, ProPhotonix has designed the innovative COBRA Cure FX series, a configurable platform that is customizable to user-specific UV curing applications.

With the COBRA Cure FX Series, ProPhotonix has taken an innovative approach to designing a customizable range of UV LED curing systems enabling the platform to be configured for a wide range of UV ink curing applications. This unique platform includes compact, fan-cooled UV curing lamps at a range of power levels up to 16W/cm2 and delivers class-leading intensity and edge to edge uniformity for the optimum cure. UV LED lamps can be configured for pinning or full curing applications and can be further configured to include optimized optics, customized mechanics, and electronic options. This is a plug and play platform ensuring ease of integration, optimum performance, maximum lifetime, safety and reliability in the field.



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