25 July 2018


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ETI has introduced a revolutionary patented die-cutting technology to the industry. This proven technology, called the Pellicut™ is especially designed for high speed application with very thin release liner. It allows converters to die cut on a PET liner that is 18 micron thick, thus reducing liner thickness and cost by up to 40%.

ETI Converting Equipment has recently obtained a US patent (US 9,782,904 B2) for this innovative die-cutting system. The heavy duty fully rotary die-cutting system can die-cut PS material at a speed of 225 m/min (750 feet/min). The Pellicut™ will die cut labels on .72 gage (18 microns) polyester film or 30 gsm (20 lbs) paper products with the guaranty that the die will not die mark the liner during the die-cutting process and that there will be no break on the labeling machines. The module uses conventional magnetic cylinders, fast die and anvil changes. The Pellicut™ increases by almost 4 times the lifetime of the die.

The Pellicut™ equipment is offered in different web width sizes; 330mm (13’’), 420mm (16,5’’), 520mm (20,5’’), 570mm (22,5’’) and 670mm (26,5’’), repeat range 275mm (11’’) to 915mm (36’’). The module can be integrated in-line with the Cohesio, retrofitted on an existing press or offered as stand-alone die-cutting equipment.

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