25 July 2018

PCMC will showcase its innovative Meridian laser anilox cleaner

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In many cases, after cleaning cell volume measurements match almost exactly the original cell volume engraving. This relieves stress from production processes by allowing consistent output from tooling without having to adjust solution formulas or equipment settings.

The Meridian effectively removes inks, adhesives, glazes, stiffeners, coatings, and varnishes from ceramic and chrome surfaces. Using auto-focus technology, it optimizes the laser’s energy to pulverize any residue deposited on the engraved surface.
The Meridian allows easy access to all parts of the machine without compromising operator safety. It features an automatic cleaning cycle, flip-up cleaning area access door, easy-to-use operator interface, and large cleaning area access opening, which offer enhanced ergonomics to the operator. 
The Meridian requires almost no maintenance and virtually no spare parts. It requires no chemicals, no cleaning media, no air supply, no water supply, no personal protective equipment, and no other supplies. 
PCMC Meridian laser technology is what’s next in the world of roll and sleeve cleaning. 

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