25 July 2018

Novation product preview

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Novation’s WebFlaggers are an industry standard boasting over one thousand installations. The AF3 WebFlagger is a safe and reliable means of applying pressure sensitive flags to webs moving at speeds up to and above 4,000 feet (1,200 meters) per minute.

Novation’s WebFlaggers have multiple inputs for manual buttons, machine signals such as splices, or for connection to any automatic web inspection system. They can also track defects from upstream locations on the line to the location of the flagger for highly accurate flagging.
The new AF3 model has been completely redesigned in stainless steel with a more compact footprint. The AF3 WebFlagger safely, accurately, and automatically flags webs at all speeds. The new AF3 WebFlagger fits into tight spaces previously unable to accommodate its predecessor. There will be an operational WebFlagger in the booth, as well as samples of the various styles of flags Novation offers.

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