25 July 2018

Michelman to showcase water-based in-line and off-line primers

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Pack Ready for Labels is Michelman’s suite of pre- and post-print solutions for enhanced label resistance. DigiGuard 901 UV OPV Strengthener (an OPV additive) is now commercially available through Michelman after successful evaluations by dozens of customers on a variety of applications including food applications (e.g. olive oil), household and chemical (e.g. paint, detergents) and personal care (e.g. shampoo).

Because of the higher level of water, thermal, and chemical resistance this strengthener provides, HP Indigo press owners are now able to move further up into applications requiring the most stringent industry specification, specifically for the home and personal care segment.

It can be applied post print by mixing with many off the shelf UV overprint varnishes, and provides further versatility as it supports the entire portfolio of HP Indigo’s existing label press solutions including HP Indigo 6000 series presses, HP Indigo 8000 and HP Indigo 20000. It also works with Michelman’s existing Digiprime 680 and Digiprime 050 solutions. For even higher performance, DigiPrime 022 is an innovative water-based primer that enables superior resistivity such as required for pasteurization.

Michelman further highlights its shelf life and protection expertise with its Michem Flex Barrier 3510. This water-based coating provides a transparent high oxygen barrier and is more durable to withstanding fractures and pinholes then traditional oxygen barriers. Specifically designed for flexible packaging in food applications. Applied in-line or off-line by flex or gravure without a primer, it is extremely user friendly resulting in a very durable, cost effective package.  Michem Flex Barrier 3510 is ready-to-use as a single component, requires no mixing and therefore has excellent shelf life.  Unlike other barrier coatings, there is no chlorine or nano particles. It has excellent printability and lamination bond strengths.
Overprint varnishes drive brand connection to the consumer through shelf appeal via solutions that improve the look and feel of packaging. Michem Flex M1203 is a water-based matte finish OPV for all polymer materials. It allows brand owners to use polymer materials and create a paper look with a soft velvety texture.  It can be applied in registration, which allows for clear windows to highlight the product and/or a mixture of gloss and matte finishes that can enhance overall shelf appeal.

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