27 July 2018

JM Heaford Limited displays AutoMounter

Click on image to download high resolution version

What can you do in less than 1 minute? While you’re reading this, Heaford’s Label AutoMounter could be expertly and precisely mounting a plate for your next job.

Ensuring consistent first-time accuracy by removing operator judgement from the mounting process, it dramatically reduces press downtime. Configurable for multiple presses and with options including pre-register compatibility, plate and tape cutters and a sleeve exchange unit, the Label AutoMounter has an impressive ROI. Come to Booth 3712 and operate it for yourself to experience how easy plate mounting can be.

On the booth too is the “game changing” FTS, which offers the best value alternative to automation through ease-of-use, repeatable accuracy and speed. Heaford launched this radical new design in 2013 and printers worldwide have been reaping the benefits ever since. Using the precision plate cutter option of the FTS, savings on continuous print sleeves are giving customers payback on purchase within a few months.

Completing the trio is the entry-level EES plate mounter. Featuring the same build quality, accuracy and longevity that Heaford equipment is renowned for, it makes a great investment for the ambitious printer, eliminating all the expensive press downtime due to inaccurate mounting “by eye”.

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