02 August 2022

Grafotronic Presents Three World Premieres For The Label Industry

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Grafotronic presents three world premieres for the label industry.
The IQ workflow automation suite enables the Grafotronic DCL2 to do job change autonomously, handling all job settings automatically. IQ works with a set of cameras monitoring the web and automatically adjusting parameters, taking over all the manual adjustments with a tolerance below +/- 0.1 mm.
Grafotronic also promotes The One single anvil semi-rotary die, capable of reaching  150 m/min. It can be set up within just 30 cm of material with a tolerance of +/-0.1 mm.
Also on show is the HI3 inspection rewinder with the Choose Green program. This features a regenerative system which captures braking energy and converts it into power, making the system approximately 30 percent more energy efficient.
Grafotronic is also showcasing Boon-Tech auxiliary machines, including boon|Rebel, a small (1.2 m footprint) digital finisher; boon|Raptor, a high-speed label cutter and boon|Velox automatic core cutter.


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