02 August 2022

Epson Showcases the SurePress L-6534VW UV

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Epson showcases the SurePress L-6534VW UV press available with digital varnish or orange ink.
The digital varnish offers spot varnish, simulated foiling, and embossing, all in-line with label production. Orange ink has a 92 percent Pantone coverage certification within Delta E of 1.5. The L-6534VW models automates maintenance and checking of the printheads during the production day without operator intervention.
The SurePress L-4733AW water-based resin press builds on the success of its predecessor, to deliver labels suitable for food product packaging, including PS labels, IML, shrink, and candy wrappers. 
Epson also showcases the P-, R- and S-Series printers for proofing, prototyping, and large-size label production up to 63in width, as well as its ColorWorks color inkjet desktop label printers that handle on-demand jobs in tough production line environments.

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