27 July 2018

Enercon Corona preview

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Enercon Corona Treaters for In-line and Off-Line Treating
Improving ink and coating adhesion has never been easier with the CoronaFlex™ corona treater. The system integrates with all OEM flexographic printing, digital printing, and coating systems. CoronaFlex™ is also available in a free standing design for off-line and lab treating applications. At Label Expo, Enercon will be introducing a new deluxe off-line treating system with complete unwind and rewind capabilities.

CoronaFlex™ improves surface wettability and adhesion properties by delivering consistent treatment over varying lines speeds. Surface treatment is effective on conductive and non-conductive substrates and improves adhesion for water-based, solvent-based and UV/LED applications.  Key to reliability is the system’s industry leading Compak™ power supply, powerful ceramic electrodes and special roll coverings producing high definition corona.

CoronaFlex™ offers an intuitive touch screen interface that provides operators with complete control over the corona treating process. Power level control modes, detailed diagnostics, fault indicators and troubleshooting assistance are all conveniently available at the front of the station. In addition, Enercon provides operators with comprehensive training and support to maximize uptime.


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