27 July 2018

Durico C&T preview

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Durico is a manufacturer of film-based direct thermal media and inkjet media based in South Korea. We specialize in coating, with state of the art multi-head coating devices that can apply coating on media up to 86” wide. Our facilities are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate various high value-added customer needs. We are committed to developing and manufacturing customized products for the various applications of our partners. Our high standards of quality control and process management ensure that our partners are satisfied.

Our specialty is in direct thermal media film used as face stock. Direct thermal media can be printed using a thermal printer without ink, providing an efficient method of digital printing. Using film as a base has many advantages over using paper. By selecting the right type of base film, and applying the right mix and amount of chemicals, often on multiple layers of coating, we can manufacture products with a wide variety of characteristics, including water, heat, oil, humidity, alcohol, and tear resistance, with various levels of sensitivity, resolution, surface type, thickness, and translucency. Our customers use our media for labels, tags, tickets, and etc. that need digital information such as barcodes and/or individualized information to be digitally printed at low cost and high speeds. For customers that need logos, warnings, and/or other information pre-printed on one or both sides, our films are suitable for various printing methods including Flexo printing and etc.

One of our recent new developments are tags for meat carcasses. Our customer needed a tag that can show individualized data such as the origin and content of the products, but that also needed to be resistant to very harsh environments including blood from the meat, hot water jet from the sanitization process, and low temperatures for long-term storage. We were able to develop a product that met the very specific needs of our partner, enabling them to be able to serve the ever so growing complexity of food safety regulations and product information display requirements of different countries and consumers.

An example of another product that we developed is fruit labels capable of printing 2-D barcodes. Fruit distributers are required to display more and more information about the their products such as which farm they were grown on, whether they were grown organically or not, and whether they are GMO products or not. We developed a label that can print and show a barcode that keeps all this digital information, adheres to the various surface types of different fruits, is water and heat resistant, and is safe in the case it is accidently consumed. It is also appropriate for very fast application of the labels to fruits using state of the art equipment developed by our partner. We have jointly developed this product with our partner, and we are very satisfied that we were able to cooperate in developing an innovative solution to a safety issue regarding the consumption of food.

Another example of a recently developed product is our transparent label. Governments around the world are requiring more information to be shown about food products sold at grocery stores, such as ingredients, place of origin, expiration dates, and other food safety information. This leads to larger labels that could limit the visibility of the product itself. Thus, the need for transparent labels that can be digitally printed on with more information without obstructing the display of the food itself has started to grow, and we were able to quickly develop and supply a product for our partners. The response from the market has been very hot, and we are excited to be one of the first suppliers of this type of product in the industry. A translucent direct thermal film can open many possibilities in so many industries. One’s imagination is the only limit to how disruptive this type of label can change the way we shop for grocery and/or display products more beautifully.

We work with our partners to develop and manufacture customized products for very specific applications. We don’t impose our standards on our customers. We don’t limit our capability to what is already on the market. We listen to what our partners need and we provide innovative solutions. If you need a product that you can’t find on the market, please let us know. We hope we can open up possibilities in digital printing for you.

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