27 July 2018

Dunmore New Product Highlight

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Label Expo 2018 - Dunmore New Product Highlight

Dunmore continues to support the label market with the development of new polyolefin label materials. The newest product for the market is a BOPP-based direct thermal printable film. Dunmore’s direct thermal film provides high optical density printing for superior barcode and text readability, while offering low printhead wear. Various grades are available to meet the durability requirements of your application.

Dunmore has also added aesthetics to polyolefin films by offering new metallized polyolefin films. Metal adhesion to these films has always been a challenge. With Dunmore’s primer technologies, metallized BOPP and PE films are an option for labels exposed to various environmental conditions. In addition to providing superior metal adhesion, metallized polyolefin films enhance the appearance of your product.

Dunmore’s primer technologies can also be leveraged if you are looking to add new functional or aesthetic coatings to polyolefin films. We look forward to opening up new markets and label applications with you by utilizing Dunmore’s primer technologies. For 40+ years Dunmore has provided a wide range of printable films for every type of print method, from flexo to the latest digital technology.

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