27 July 2018

Dragon Foils preview

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Dragon Foils, covering an area of 70000m2, was established in 2006 with 12 years of production and exportation experience in foil industry. “DRAGON FOILS” is the quality name for hot & cold foil in China, the products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world including USA, UK, Russia, Australia, Brazil, UAE, etc.

1、FXC metallic/holographic flexo cold foil  
  • Excellent overprintablity with strong ink adhesion after printing with general ink and most types of UV ink after stamping. 
  • High holographic gloss and brightness.
  • Good release property.
  • Suitable for applications from fine details to large solid areas.
  • Versatile for most of UV adhesive and substrates.
  • Available in 40 patterns as well as customized pattern.

2、OSC metallic/holographic offset cold foil series
  • Specially designed for sheet-fed offset cold foil stamping applications by conventional adhesive or UV adhesive.
  • High speed with sharp foiling details and stable release.
  • Good for stamping with fine definition and solid area.
  • Suitable for fine line and halftone effects.
  • High gloss with excellent overprintability.
  • More than 40 holographic patterns available with good holographic effect.

3、DT series digital enhancement foil
  • Suitable for digital printing application with excellent adhesion on SCODIX/MGI machine.
• Rich colour with more than 40 holographic patterns.
  • High brightness with good smoothness property after stamping.
  • Good for both solid and fine details, stamping with sharp edge.
  • No pinhole or zigzag problem after stamping.
  • Strong 3D effect after stamping, good for stamping with different thickness.
  • Short lead time, with good cost-effectiveness.

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