25 July 2018


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DIGIFAST outperforms all its competitors for semi-rotary printing and die-cutting at a maximum speed of 90 m/min. Already a benchmark since it was released onto the market in 2015, the DIGIFAST ONE is being praised by key players around the world for its speed, precision and production efficiency.

But there are aspects of the DIGIFAST which are worth mentioning when you are with a potential customer. Accuracy! We knew our tolerance levels were good, but we only realised how awesome they were when a senior technician visited us this summer to run a specific precision test on a machine in Faenza in order to validate finishing quality on behalf of the All4Labels Group. Representing an industrial printer with 45 digital printing and finishing lines under one roof, Roger put the DIGIFAST through its paces for an entire day to discover that PRATI and the DIGIFAST could ensure ± 0.10 mm tolerance, the best result seen on the market. See the photograph of the tolerance tests.

Production efficiency is another area where customers get excited when you demonstrate how much time is saved and how such efficiency reduces costs and speeds up delivery times. Watch the video to see how set-up times are just 8 minutes and see how simple it is to work with DIGIFAST ONE.

Discover the magic behind FLASH PASS

The DIGIFAST ONE also integrates FLASH PASS, a high yield configuration to finish and inspect your jobs in one single pass.

More ways to get the best out of the DIGIFAST is to let you know that with a re-reg lamination unit, you will produce coupons and sandwich labels.

So, remind that 90 m/min. refers to semi-rotary printing and die-cutting both together. Accuracy is recorded at ±0.10 mm, set-up times are as short as 8 minutes and remember that DIGIFAST ONE is a high-tech, highly flexible solution which every customer appreciates.

When processing shrink sleeve material, one of the major headaches is the risk of potential deformation caused by UV lamps. UV lamps tend to heat material above 40°C and without a chill drum, the material is easily deformed. Explore the fast drying of the DIGIFASTone, performed at less than 40°C and how all finishing process is with NO chill drums.









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