26 July 2018

Daven product preview

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The Daven Pneumatic Winder is a safe, efficient method of winding any web including edge trim. Its rugged construction and efficient winding can be used on all converting equipment. The winder’s simple design allows its winding speed to follow the line speed of the material. Its pneumatic drive system without gears or clutches allows for infinite stop-go or stalled motion.

The Pneumatic Winder is non-electric and is activated with a single line of negligible use of low air pressure. Micro-setting adjustments allow for infinite speed and torque control. The winder will accept any core width with quick core change or coreless winding. The sealed modular compact design can be used in any environment without OSHA-safety or lubrication issues and be mounted on or off your machine on any surface or angle.  This is the ideal winder for Clean Room environments.

The following are additional features:

1) Winding speed automatically follows line speed of your slitter.
2) The winder will operate in an infinite stalled state without any damage.
3) Rugged construction.
4) A quick slip on-off outer or inner flange to captivate material is available.

Demonstrations of the unique portable Daven Pneumatic Winder will be performed at Booth 2049.

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