23 July 2018

Coast Controls preview

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Coast Controls announces they are now offering electronic web guiding systems for the Converting Industry in conjunction with their already well known, All-Air web guide system.  The electronic product line will allow Coast to offer customers a full range of guiding capabilities for virtually any guiding situation, e.g., line, registration, contrast, heavy unwind/rewind, and center guiding. 

While their 100% pneumatic guiding system, which is based on a proportional pneumatic Servo Controller and operates on low pressure air usually around 6 psi, makes a strong argument for high-heat, wash-down, food/medical/pharmaceutical and explosion-proof applications.  The All-Air system is covered by an industry leading and unprecedented 10-year warranty.

Make plans to stop by booth 1626 at LabelExpo 2018, to see a live demonstration of the new electronic as well as pneumatic web guiding system.  For more information about Coast Controls and the products they offer, visit www.CoastControls.com or call 941-355-7555 and ask to speak with one of the design engineers on staff, to discuss your next web guide application. 

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