01 August 2018

CC1 introduces updates to its Automatic Register Control system

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CC1 introduces updates to its camera-based mark-to-mark Automatic Register Control system. The company’s DRC-6000Lregister control, designed specifically for in-line flexo printers, which uses a proprietary register mark pattern, allows the system to consistently provide start-up material waste reduction ranging from 40-70 per cent.

This system enables the cameras to automatically and quickly locate register marks, and simultaneously send corrections to side and circumferential motors, quickly bringing every new job into final register, even if marks overlap or are in the incorrect order. No operator intervention is required. Improved registration throughout the press run is also provided. 

For print jobs without marks, CC1's newest feature, TouchPoint, allows operators to use the DRC- 6000L touchscreen to manually drag and drop print stations into register using a cross hair or other visual register reference point. Operators simply ‘show’ the DRC-6000L where each station needs to move on the touchscreen and the DRC-6000L takes it from there. 

Registration motorization is also available to allow the closed loop register control system to be added to legacy presses.


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