23 July 2018

Cartes preview

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Cartes will show GEMINI 360 SERIES in the configuration GE362ZL R-L, a solution that allows customers to combine FLEXO varnishing and a laser converting unit as per their needs.

As pioneers in the self-adhesive market, Cartes will unveil its new LASER VERSION in the configuration Right to Left. One of its key aspects is the I.L.C. INVISIBLE LASER CUTTING. Thanks to this special patented device, is now possible to die cut dark printed label without the typical and unsightly “white edges”.

Furthermore, a machine will be shown in the established GT360 SERIES making a “state of the art” embellishing on a digitally printed substrate. The GT 360 combines high-speed screen printing, hot stamping, embossing, semi-rotary die-cutting, flexo varnishing and LASER converting.

For more information:

GE 360: http://www.cartes.it/index.php?pkg=macchine&task=schedaprodotto&lang=EN&...

GT 360: http://www.cartes.it/index.php?pkg=macchine&task=schedaprodotto&lang=EN&...

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