23 July 2018

Alunetic exhibiting two fundamentally new products

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Exhibiting two fundamentally new products at the Labelexpo show in Chicago this year.

The first product is a totally re-engineered magnetic cylinder which offers a number of advantages over conventional magnetic cylinders.

They’ll be showing a scale balancing three magnetic cylinders all the same size. On one side a conventional magnetic cylinder and on the other side two HMT magnetic cylinders to demonstrate the weight difference.

Please go to www.alunetic.com for more information.

The other product is a printing plate mounting device. The mounting procedure is fundamentally different from any other plate mounter.

This plate mounter aligns the printing plate in the “around” direction and not the “across” direction as with traditional plate mounters and therefor this device only need one microscope in one position in order to achieve perfectly aligned printing plates

Website is under construction (www.str8on.com)

A previous version is still shown on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_INWIgQX09Q&t=269s

They’ll be showing their products at the Lederle Machine Company booth 509



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