23 July 2018

AKO Printing Technology Shanghai Limited

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AKO Printing Technology Shanghai Limited

AKO Printing Technology Shanghai Limited is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D and production of self-adhesive materials. AKO provides global customers with integrated solutions for printing and coating equipment, shipping labels, die-cutting labels and self-adhesive materials. Meanwhile, we are committed to exceed customer expectations of the ultimate cost-effective products.

AKO self-adhesive materials are widely used for supermarket, logistics, cold chain transportation and other industries. AKO semi-gloss label materials, direct thermal label materials and double-layer release paper label materials can meet the automatic and manual labeling methods, barcode print with high precision, strong adhesion and high protection. The product is stable and of high quality, and the minimum labeling temperature is minus twenty degrees centigrade. It can be used at minus fifty degrees centigrade.

After years of operation and development, AKO Group has continuously researched and developed new products: coating and printing equipment, different specifications of shipping labels and various self-adhesive labels& materials such as direct thermal, semi-gloss, synthetic paper and other products which been sold well all over the world. As customer needs upgrading, we are also constantly increasing investment in technology research and development to help customer develop more business.

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