23 July 2018

AKK product preview

Click on image to download high resolution version

Our newest products is designed for the label market. We offer for flexo engraving a 2 beam fiber yag laser for high end user up to 5.080dpi engravings or 200Lpi. The new  Laser technology does not need any external gas bottles. That gives you the opportunity to cut down the running costs in comparison to old systems. A vacuum drum and optionally a vacuum drum with magnetic function facilitates mounting of EPDM printing plates. This model is available in different sizes. The machine can also engrave different sleeve sizes. Customers in Europe use it for the napkin, label and can industry. The 2 x 500 Watt laser beams get modulated to achieve best engraving results. Our own engraving software gives best support to the operator, undercut engraving can be done.

For customers who want to engrave screens we designed a 4 or 8 beam solution. This unit has got as well a resolution of 5.080dpi and is by using more beams very fast. The AKK software for different rasters and fine lines is every time included. Such units has got Fibre Yag 500Watt laser power.

All machines are “Made in Germany” and can be tested in German, Krefeld (close to Düsseldorf).


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