23 July 2018

Accraply product preview- AccraSeam™ FC

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Accraply product preview


The AccraSeam™ FC is a servo-driven, fully-continuous shrink sleeve seamer with two-position unwind and rewind turrets. With flying splices at full speed that only generate four meters of waste, the ASFC allows for maximum production without compromise.


The AccraSeam™ FC is equipped to increase production time and quality through its fully-automatic table with seam positioning, allowing the operator to digitally enter the layflat width and seam location. The machine will then automatically adjust. These values can be adjusted while the machine is running - and stored in a recipe for easy retrieval - virtually eliminating the large amounts of waste created when setting up your layflat.


With a layflat quality check system containing proprietary software, the AccraSeam™ FC provides reports for each roll. This gives your customer, brand owner, or co-packer the quality assurance they demand.


Note: Automation Arena participating company!


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