23 July 2018

3M showcases Wash Away Label Material FP0602

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3M is showcasing its Wash Away Label Material FP0602. This product is FDA Compliant (for indirect food contact) and utilizes an acrylic adhesive combined with a polypropylene facestock which can be cleanly removed with high pressure water.

It is ideally suited for applications which require permanent adhesive performance yet demand clean removal at a future date and time. Markets that can benefit from this product performance include food service, transportation, and medical industries.

The product:

  • Helps eliminate adhesive build-up on the RPC which can lead to contamination and food safety issues;
  • Decreases RPC scrap rate due to adhesive residue build-up;
  • Has consistent Flexo/Thermal Transfer printability for traceability;
  • Sticks in tough environments, but removes cleanly;
  • Can be cleanly removed during the washing process.


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