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Booth Number: 1416

As the market and direct thermal technology continue to evolve, Appvion, Inc. evolves with it. A new technology requires unique needs, which we are prepared to meet. Appvion is proud to offer our linerless-enabled grade named Résiste® LE; a topcoated high sensitivity direct thermal label paper. Résiste® LE is designed with heat stability and excellent environmental resistance. It maintains a white appearance longer in hot environments, while preserving barcode image stability. Résiste® LE delivers rich, dark images with high speed printers up to 14 IPS and has dimensional stability for consistent dispensing. The grade’s coating adhesion provides strong compatibility with linerless coatings. End-use label applications include: weigh scale, logistics/warehousing, industrial and portable printing (low energy imaging).


Booth Number: 508

As linerless technology revolutionizes the label market, Bostik, a global leader in adhesives, evolves right along with it. With over a century of experience in the industry, Bostik has applied its expertise to linerless technology. This expertise is evident through the company’s innovative products that meet varied application needs, from VIP logistic applications to weigh scale, refrigerated applications and more. These products have excellent processability on linerless equipment as well as on end-use printers. Looking ahead, Bostik will continue to innovate alongside the label market, meeting its customers’ changing needs and ensuring its products are fast, efficient, safe and high-performing.


Booth Number: 5300

For more than three decades, Evonik’s TEGO® RC Silicones have proven their excellent performance for PSA label applications. Our patented free radical technology works perfectly to manufacture linerless labels on a wide variety of filmic and paper surfaces. The silicone curing is completed in fractions of a second at room temperature, which means low energy consumption and no stress to the substrate. TEGO® RC Silicones allow successful in-line production with the release coating and adhesive being applied step after step on the same equipment.
Typical linerless applications with TEGO® RC Silicones include food packaging, logistics, weight scale and consumer goods.

Henkel Corporation

Booth Number: 853

Henkel Adhesives Technologies is the world leader in the manufacture of adhesives with state-of-the-art production in all the major regions of the world, offering a wide and extensive range of technologies for the pressure sensitive label, tape and graphic industries. Technomelt PS is our global brand for hotmelt and UV hotmelt PSA , Aquence PS for waterbased acrylic PSA and Loctite Dura-Tack PS for high performance solvent based PSA. Our  Technomelt PS adhesives have supported the growing need for sustainable and cost effective PS label solutions such as linerless PS labels in the food and logistics industries. There are many benefits of using PS labels without a silicone liner, which in the end becomes an expensive packaging waste. However, it is essential that the adhesives performs trouble free not just to stick the label onto the end package, but also on the adhesive coater, label reel slitting lines and the label applicator itself. Henkel`s Technomelt PS hotmelt adhesives have been specially developed to cope with all these new demands for the trouble free production and application of linerless PS labels. Technomelt PS is the choice of leading linerless PS label producers today.

Innovia Films

Booth Number: 1429

Innovia Films is a leading global manufacturer of Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP) films, producing speciality products into the packaging, labels, tobacco overwrap and securities markets.

Our Rayoface™ NB92 films are tailored to run with maximum efficiency on Ravenwood Packaging Ltd’s Nobac label applicators, the adhesive and silicone coating processes and through a wide variety of narrow web printing processes.

Our films offer unique solutions to linerless labels requiring moisture and tear resistance.  They provide enhanced shelf impact and premium branding.

By partnering with key technology providers, Innovia Films offer a variety of solutions for all Linerless Label applications.

Maan Engineering B.V.

Booth Number: 2002

40 years ago, the founder and current owner of Maan Group, André Jansen started with the development of self adhesive carpet tiles. He accomplished this with his own developed coater in the storage of his farmhouse in Wijhe.
40 years later, the coating techniques are still essential for Maan Group. With 4 different business units and activities in 8 various markets, Maan Group distinguishes with the development of the coating applicator where maximum quality and control are key.
Maan Group reverberated on the Inlinerless Module technology eight years ago. A technology still in its infancy. Maan Engineering, machine developer of Maan Group saw a challenge to develop a production line to produce efficient and qualitative linerless labels.
The objective, the realisation of the Inlinerless Module, could be reached by the experience and expertise of Maan Group in the field of applying coatings.
Maan Engineering offers an essential part of the linerless chain with the Inlinerless Module. The Inlinerless Module is the method for the label printer to expand its existing process to a machine that is able to produce (pre-printed) linerless labels. The machine can be used Stand Alone by adding a wind and rewind station.
The Module covers two steps. At first a full sheet or zone coating will be applied in a range of 0.5 till 1.5 gram/m2. This coating will be curred in an inert UV chamber with an oxygen content below 50 ppm, which results in an extremely fast and high qualitative silicone layer. Subsequently, a self-adhesive coating layer of 10-300 gram/m2 will be applied with the Dierect Roller Coating Head (full sheet or in zones).
With knowledge of hotmelt, extended research, test facilities and its broad network in the label market, Maan Engineering is the partner for companies that consider working with Linerless Labels.

MAX International Converters Inc

Booth Number: 5739

MAX International Converters, Inc. is an industry leading global supplier of MAXStick liner-free label products. MAXStick liner-free labels are utilized in a diverse range of applications and industries including food service/hospitality, warehousing, retail, parking, reusable plastic containers and medical diagnostics. Crafted with our signature release coating and “removable and restickable” adhesive, MAXStick is available in several different adhesive formations and seven vibrant colors. MAXStick liner-free labels are an environmentally friendly labeling solution. MAXStick is certified as 100% recyclable, silicone-free and BP-Free.

MPS Systems B.V.

Booth Number: 911

MPS is a high-end brand of flexo and offset printing presses, serving the label and flexible packaging industry. MPS is an international organization, headquartered in the Netherlands. MPS’ North American organization is based in Green Bay (WI) and includes press assembly, a demo center, application engineering, sales and customer service. Being a printing, converting and web transport expert, MPS has successfully participated in linerless projects and is proud to share its knowledge and experience during the 2016 Linerless Trail at Labelexpo Americas.

NAStar Inc.

Booth Number: 1350

NAStar Inc., a manufacturer of removable Linerless Pressure Sensitive print media for over a decade, is promoting 2 distinctly different Direct Thermal Linerless options, Print’N Stick Universal and Print’N Stick Eco, along with flexographic printable Linerless products.

Print‘N Stick Eco is environmentally responsible and economical. It is BP free, utilizes a printable, non-silicone release, and repulpable adhesive allowing it to be recycled. It can be flexo printed on the face or adhesive and is compatible with many POS and mobile printers.

Print‘N Stick Universal sticks to virtually any surface at most ambient temperatures, even cold, damp, or frosted, and removes cleanly. Hydrophilic T1055 Temporary Adhesive with a silicone release is Temporarily Permanent and Permanently Removable, performing like both.

Still sold in “converter rolls” for pre-printing, Print‘N Stick Direct Thermal is now also available in printer ready formats in standard roll sizes, carton packed in pallet quantities, for your resale program.

Ravenwood Packaging

Booth Number: 5213

Linerless labelling specialist Ravenwood Packaging cover the coating of printed labels, label application and the development of the ultimate materials and adhesives to produce seamless lines.  The flexible adhesive-backed labels are now regularly used as the eco-friendly replacement for traditional labels that carry waste-creating backing paper.  

Ravenwood Packaging sell the coating and label application machines. The Comac 500 coating machine, running at speeds of up to 95m/min, takes printed master reels and coats them with adhesive and silicon ready for use on the company’s Nobac applicator.  The Nobac 500 Sleever is used for applying sleeves in five formats, varying from C-wrap and full wrap, to packs for chilled foods and convenience meals.  The Nobac 500 handles up to 180 packs/minute. 

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